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2022 Leaders in Life Youth Conference

2024 Conference - March 14, 2024

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2022 Conference – March 10, 2022

Intent to Participate 2022

Registration Fee: $25 per person
Limited to students, grades 6-12, and their adult advisors/chaperones attending as a group with their school or youth organization. Groups must first submit an Intent to Participate form prior to the conference. No groups are allowed unless pre-registered. No individual registrations are permitted.

*Grab-and-Go lunch and snack kits will be provided to all attendees at time of departure.

Schedule of Events

Morning Cohort Time Morning Cohort Event Afternoon Cohort Time Afternoon Cohort Event
8:30-9:10 Opening Ceremony 12:00-12:40 Opening Ceremony
9:15-9:50 Workshop Session #1 12:45-1:20 Workshop Session #1
9:55-10:30 Workshop Session #2 1:25-2:00 Workshop Session #2
10:30-11:00 Resource Fair 2:00-2:30 Resource Fair
11:00 Adjournment/Departure 2:30 Adjournment/Departure